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The Visionary Behind the Bricks: Adv. G. Surendran, Founder and Chairman of Anand Bhavan School

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

From Humble Beginnings to Soaring Dreams:

Adv. G. Surendran's passion for language ignited early. Driven by a desire to empower his community with the gift of English, he founded the Golden English Academy. This humble academy, a testament to his dedication, soon became a beacon of linguistic excellence, carving its name in Kollam's educational tapestry. But hiss vision extended beyond grammar and vocabulary. He saw a deeper need, a yearning for quality fundamental education in Anchal. This yearning became the seed that blossomed into Anand Bhavan Central School.

Building a Bastion of Learning:

Driven by an unwavering commitment, his journey from academy leader to school founder was paved with challenges. Yet, his belief in the transformative power of education never wavered. He meticulously crafted Anand Bhavan, brick by brick, into a haven of learning.

The school's philosophy, rooted in holistic development, resonated with parents and students alike. A vibrant curriculum, nurtured by passionate educators, blossomed under his leadership. Anand Bhavan became more than just a school; it became a community, a symphony of young minds learning, growing, and reaching for their full potential.

A Legacy That Endures:

Today, Anand Bhavan stands tall, a testament to G. Surendran's unwavering vision. Students graduate not only with academic excellence but also with the values of compassion, integrity, and a thirst for lifelong learning. His legacy is woven into the fabric of every classroom, every laughter-filled corridor, and every success story nurtured within its walls.

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Teaching staff


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