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Unveiling the Anand Bhavan Connection to a Literary Legend Subhash Chandran

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Shri. Subhash Chandran announced a cash award for the student (in Anand Bhavan School) who score the highest mark in CBSE Malayalam exam (Class 10).

Follow the trail of clues that unmask the profound connection between Anand Bhavan and Shri. Subhash Chandran. Subhash Chandran featured our school visit in his short story "koottaksharangal"

Subhash Chandran: A Literary Luminary of Kerala

Subhash Chandran is a name that resonates throughout the literary landscape of Kerala, India. Renowned as a novelist, editor, and recipient of numerous prestigious awards, Chandran's contribution to Malayalam literature is immeasurable. He is the only writer to receive Kerala Sahitya Akademi Awards for both his debut story collection (2001) and debut novel (2011).

A Master Storyteller:

Chandran's prowess as a storyteller shines through in his captivating novels and short stories. His works, spanning across genres, explore themes of human relations, loss, resilience, and the complexities of the human condition.

  • Manushyanu Oru Aamukham - Novel, DC Books

  • Samudrashila - Novel, Mathrubhumi Books

  • Ghatikarangal Nilakkunna Samayam - Short stories, DC Books

  • Parudeesa Nashtam - Short stories collection, DC Books

  • Thalpam - Short stories, DC Books

  • Bloody Mary - Short stories, DC Books

  • Vihitham- Short stories, Mathrubhumi books

  • Madhyeyingane- Vignettes, Mathrubhumi Books

  • Kaanunnanerathu - Vignettes, Mathrubhumi Books

  • Das Capital - Memoirs, Mathrubhumi Books

The Guiding Hand of Mathrubhumi Weekly:

For over two decades, Chandran served as the editor of Mathrubhumi Weekly, a leading Malayalam publication. His sharp editorial acumen transformed the weekly into a vibrant platform for literary discourse and intellectual critique. 

A Shower of Recognition:

Chandran's remarkable literary journey has been adorned with numerous prestigious awards and accolades. Some of the most notable include:

  • Kendra Sahitya Akademi Award: Twice bestowed upon Chandran, this is the highest literary honor bestowed by the Kerala government.

  • Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award: A testament to the exceptional quality and impact of his literary contributions.

  • Vayalar Award: Recognizing his outstanding work in the field of short fiction.

  • Odakkuzhal Award: Awarded for his significant contribution to Malayalam literary criticism.

In conclusion, Subhash Chandran is not merely a writer; he is a literary luminary who has illuminated the world of Malayalam literature with his profound insights, and captivating narratives. As we delve into his body of work, we find not just entertainment but a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Video message from literary luminary Shri. Subhash Chandran honoring the Subhash Chandran Award winner for excelling in Malayalam (CBSE 10th exam).


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